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Big man having a little tough time holding King!
Big man having a tough time holding this King!

WELCOME to THEE Distinguished Western Lake Ontario Fishing Charter, home of the most consistent trout and salmon fishing in New York and on the Great Lakes.  We are located in Wilson, NY at the  very clean and well kept Wilson Boatyard Marina where there are a number of small shops, restaurants and lodging.

We specialize in catching a variety of trout and salmon species from Late April through Early September and offer both half day (5 hour) and full day (8 hour) trips for up to 6 people.   Your fully insured captains only fish with the best gear, tackle, and electronics and will clean your catch to your liking at no extra cost.  That is a unique perk not done in other ports! This is a very family friendly vessel that is 100% drug free.  We also offer corporate trips, multiple boat trips and can accommodate groups that would like to fish in any of the Lake Ontario tournaments.  All you need is a New York State fishing license, food and beverages of your choice, zip-lock bags for your catch of the day, sunscreen, rain gear and                                           to be ready for a GREAT day of fishing on our beautiful lake.

Another nice fish!
Another nice fish!


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