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No First Mate Needed Here!

Guests aboard Afishionado will enjoy one of the few vessels with 2 USCG Licensed Captains at their disposal. Friends since high school, Captains Kevin Jerge and Rob Mucha have joined forces to offer our guests unparalled expertise and experience.

Captain Kevin keeping an eye on those rods
Captain Kevin keeping an eye on those rods

Captain Kevin has fished Lake Ontario professionally for 15 years aboard his former boat Prime Time, a prized and well decorated 11 meter Trojan, before recently purchasing a Searay 370.  At that time Afishionado was born with one of the finest fishing platforms on the lake.  Kevin is also the manager of the Wilson Boatyard Marina where he can assist in getting you lodging and advice on local attractions including but not limited to restaurants and shops.  In addition, Capt. Kevin is also the founder of one of the most prestigious Salmon fishing tournaments, The Wilson Harbor Invitational which is held in early May.  Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in fishing this tournament or any other tournament on Lake Ontario.


Captain Rob with a 37 lb. King!
Captain Rob with a 37 lb. King!

A member of Lake Ontario United, Captain Rob has fished the lake his entire life and professionally for the last 12 years on a variety of local charter boats and with a number of well known captains.  As a result he used this valuable time to master his fishing craft before uniting full time with Kevin.  Rob has also been featured on ESPN’s Wal-Mart Great Outdoors with host, Jack Youngblood, a hall of fame linebacker for the St. Louis Rams





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